Last night at the strip club

Some how I felt I had neglected my hubby in some way…. How is it that we have been married this long and I have never bought him a lap dance? Well, last night all of that changed.

Monique was filthy little whore. No doubt she would have blown my husband right there in that private little room. But I let her just grind on my husband until he creamed his pants. I love knowing he had to go home with a load of cum in his pants. Such a satisfied feeling I went home with last night…..

Even better was when I offered to let Monique follow us home. We used her like a dirty little fuck doll. She was such a nasty little slut. She knew just how to eat my pussy to make me cum all over her face. Not to mention she knew how to take a dick. Hubby fucked her like the cheap little whore that she was for about an hour. We kicked her out once she was full and covered in cum.

I love being a dirty little slut wife.

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Spanky me, I have been a very bad girl !!

I have been such a naughty little slut…. I need a spanking. Bend me over the knee and spank my ass until my cheeks are nice and rosy. Or until I beg for you to fuck this nasty little slut and use me for the cum dumpster that I am.

Call and tell me what I bad girl I have been!!
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