I blew a cops cock this weekend

Yep, you guessed it…. I was a naughty little slut this weekend. I was speeding (doing 75 MPH in a 45 MPH zone). I got pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol officer.

I really didn’t want to pay the ticket so I did what any self respecting little slut would do… I offered to suck the officers cock and let him shoot a load in my mouth.

Let me tell you, this cop had a huge load of cum for me in his balls. I bet he hadn’t cum in WEEKS !


Call me, I will share all the nasty little details.
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Dirty little secrets

Do you have a dirty little secret? A nasty little fetish you can’t share with ANYONE?? I have all kinds of secrets, some belong to me and some don’t. I can keep your secrets.

Feels so good to get them off your chest… call now and confess all your nasty little desires to a phone sex loving housewife.

We can even swap nasty secrets and stories if you wish.

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Spanky me, I have been a very bad girl !!

I have been such a naughty little slut…. I need a spanking. Bend me over the knee and spank my ass until my cheeks are nice and rosy. Or until I beg for you to fuck this nasty little slut and use me for the cum dumpster that I am.


Call and tell me what I bad girl I have been!!
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Going to get fucked

Today I am putting on my sexy little black lace garter belt and I am going to get fucked. Hubby thinks I am going out with the girls….. I plan to hunt for thick dick and ride me, come home full of cum for him to clean up.

My girl friends and I have so much fun at the bar… laughing and flirting with guys. Teasing dick and then making my final pick to fuck for the night. And a back up list to fuck in the next few days. Oh how I love to cock hunt.

Calling all hard cocks…. help me soak my panties and get them nice and wet to go out tonight !!!


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Lets get nasty !!

Cock teasing on the golf course

I do love cock teasing on the golf course. I enjoy spending the morning and early afternoon laying in the back yard, right by the pool as golfers drive by on their little carts stealing glances of my bare tits. I love laying out topless so I can give a hard on to any guy driving by…. sometimes I even tease my pussy a little to get it nice and wet. Ready to be fucked.

You like golf? Don’t be shy when driving by my yard, just stop and feel free to fuck me silly in the lawn chair 🙂 I do love a nice load of cum early in the day.


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Hello, my name is Samantha

Hello out there !!!

My name is Samantha. I am a normal everyday housewife… except for my sex drive. My sexy drive is over the top. I am a read deal cuckolding wife. Hubby knows I love to fuck, he also knows I am a bit of a size queen when it comes to cock. It’s often that I come home with cum soaked panties that need to be licked out. Not to mention my freshly fucked pussy that needs to be cleaned up too !!! Cream pie anyone ??? 🙂


I am into all kinds of kinky and nasty things. So for me, ANYTHING goes. I love talking about all of those taboo things that other girls won’t. I can’t wait to get to know some of you and start our own little nasty chats !!!


Call me so we can play !!

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OR visit me on the web to see more of my pictures.



Naughty thoughts,